duo kakaliagou / schmoliner

As an offspring of the trio PARA, the duo Kakaliagou/Schmoliner presents the LP „Nabelóse“, a composed song circle based on folk tunes and tales from Greece and the Alpine area, interspersed with extended techniques on the piano, the horn and voice.
The album was composed during their common time as artists in residence in St. Johann in Tirol and got released in March 2017 by the Berliner Corvo Records, followed by successful concerts in places like Ausland/Berlin, Tonhalle/Hannover and Bunker Ulmenwall/Bielfeld.

Duo Kakaliagou / Schmoliner is :

Elena Kakaliagou_french horn
Ingrid Schmoliner_piano


a song cycle
reflecting departures
from home, love, livelihood, body

leaving behind ones abode
traces remain
moving through the deep sea

imprints in water.