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No need for extra words for the 20 years old german ensemble!
Elena Kakaliagou is happy to be part of it since 2016, involved in their album „Kraftwerk 1“ and „Kraftwerk 2“.

CC Hennix and the Time-Court Mirage:

The legendery swiss/american composer and scientist Chister Hennix, elicits the world of just intonation, ratios and frequences, based on drones and timelessness aproach of music. Together with the microtonal tuba of Robin Hayward, the trombone of Hilary Jeffery, the french horn of Elena Kakaliagou, the flugelhorn of Paul Schwingelschlödel, the trumpet of Amir ElSaffar and the electronics by Stefan Tidje, the ensemble of CC Hennix has blowen up spaces like Silent Green and Kraftwerk in Berlin in the frame of the Maerz Musik Festival, and the Issue project Room in NY.